What to do with 86,400…?

It’s almost impossible to believe that I’m now 2 weeks into my career break and 6 days away from flying to India. Maybe more impossible to believe is that last Friday the people I’m volunteering with decided I needed a different visa… 3 days of mild panic later and they’ve since changed their mind – I can indeed travel on the one I’ve already got. I’m only slightly concerned I won’t be allowed in the country, but if I don’t come home in August, can someone please just check I’ve not been incarcerated…?

It’s amazing how quickly I’ve been able to fill my time. I remember my Mum saying she had no idea how she found the time to work after she retired – I’m now completely able to relate. My Monday’s are as exciting as my Fridays, although I have to admit I’ve already no idea most days which one is which…

A few years ago I was inspired by the story of Stephen Sutton, a teenager who despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer, chose positivity and to consciously live each day to the full. An analogy he used that really struck me, was to imagine you were given £86,400 every day, but it got taken away at midnight. You’d do your best to spend every single penny of it, yet we’re given the same number of seconds every day and often take them for granted. Sadly he died at 19, but he arguably squeezed more into those 19 years than many manage in a whole lifetime.

I’m so conscious of not wasting time, aware of how lucky I am and knowing I probably won’t get this chance again. I’m not suggesting there haven’t been a few moments that could have been spent more wisely over the past 2 weeks, but for example I’ve;

  • Walked (possibly skipped a little) out of the office with a smile on my face as big as the moon. I love my job, but surprisingly there were no tears to be found
  • Been on more farewell lunches / dinners / drinks than should be acceptable
  • Dug my trainers out and started running again – see above for why necessary
  • Booked my first piano lesson
  • Successfully applied to volunteer at St Andrews hospital and Age UK (My Dad knows to expect a visit from me in the near future)
  • Explored Madrid and watched the sun go down over the beautiful city
  • Had some cookery lessons from an amazing chef
  • Watched almost every episode of Love Island
  • Discovered R Kelly ‘Trapped in the Closet’ – for anyone not yet familiar, it’s possibly the most incredible thing you will see on the internet this week. Chapter 9 is my favourite so far
  • Took the kids and Chloes boyfriend to Thorpe Park on the hottest day of the year – we are all now intimately acquainted with the M25 and each others sweat
  • Started to perfect vegan carrot cake (yes I’m still pretentious)
  • Been to my nieces holy communion
  • Substituted all of the bus journey’s my kids take with a new taxi service – my fall back employment option if all else fails
  • Done a healthy amount of Yoga – some of which was in the garden. It’s surprisingly liberating when you stop caring what people think of you
  • Managed to lay in till 8am a couple of times (and even unashamedly took a couple of nanny naps)
  • Realised it’s only cheap gin thats under-rated

I’ve also started a list of things I will do when I’m back;

  • A tandem skydive
  • Learn a language (Spanish is hot favourite)
  • Write a book
  • Go camping
  • Visit all the capital cities in Europe
  • Support a start up business
  • Throw a dinner party that’s so amazing, no one even misses the meat
  • Do some more activism
  • Volunteer for the refugees in Calais
  • Learn about good wine
  • Spend much more time with the people I love

I decided a while ago that if someone suggests doing something, so long as it’s within my financial, moral and physical capability then I won’t say no. So if anyone has any ideas, let me know… (I may even make a cake for whoever has the most mean / creative suggestion – don’t let that put you off though)

Life ploughs on and regardless of what happens, we all know time refuses to stop for anyone. I’ll save the cliches but will try to encourage you to do something that makes you happy today. I’m already 2 weeks in and am determined to continue doing what I can to keep the next 8.5 months looking full and rosy…

I’ll leave you with 3 extremes of emotion perfectly captured for prosperity and an amazing reminder of how awesome my kids and Chloes boyfriend are 🙂

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